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Arizona State USBC - Youth

This page is dedicated to the USBC Youth bowlers within the state of Arizona. Below we have listed downloadable information that is currently available. This includes a calendar and several tournaments.

2014-15 Youth Bracket Results:    2014-15 Youth Brackets

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2014 Youth Tournament Results

2014 Tournament of Champions Final Results

2014 Arizona State Pepsi Finals with Scholarships

2014 Arizona State Handicap Singles Tournament with Scholarships

2014 Arizona State Youth Open Unofficial Results

2014 Youth Tournament Brackets


2015 AZ State Youth Open Tournament Results:

2015 Youth State Handicap Finals

50th State Team With Scholarships    50th State Doubles With Scholarships    50th State Singles With Scholarships    50th State All Events Wtih Scholarships

2015 Youth State Singles Handicap Finals    2015 Youth State Doubles Handicap Finals

2015 Youth State Team Handicap Finals    2015 Youth State All Events Handicap Finals

The 2015 Tournament of Champions results are posted here:

2015 Tournament of Champions 

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The results from the 2015 Pepsi Sectionals are listed below: 

2015 Pepsi northern handicap 11 and under    2015 Pepsi southern handicap 11 and under   2015 PepsiFnals u20 u15  u12      2015 State Pepsi Handicap Finals             


Host Hotels for the Youth Tournaments in Tucson:    USBC Youth Tournament Hotels

Host hotel for the 2015 Youth Open:    Youth Open Host Hotel Flyer    2015 Youth Open Entry Form:    2015 Youth Open

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2014 Youth Open Tournament results are posted here:    49th State Youth results with Scholarships

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2014 Youth Tournament of Champions Tournament Entry Form    2014 Youth TOC Entry

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2014 Pepsi Tournament Entry Form    2014 Youth Pepsi Entry Form

2014 AZ State Handicap Youth Tournament Entry    2014 AZ State Youth Handicap Tournament Entry

2014 Pepsi Sectional Results:

2014 Pepsi Sectional Results are available here:

Northern U12, U15, U20 Hdcp 12 & above

Southern U12, U15, U20 Hdcp 12 & above

Southern U10, U8 Hdcp 11 Under

Northern U10, U8 Hdcp 11 Under

Pepsi Finals:

2014 Pepsi Finals and Handicap Finals


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2014 AZ State Youth Open Championship Tournament    2014 AZ State Youth Championship Tournament

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Youth Calendar of Events for the 2013-2014 Season:

12-Nov AZ State USBC Jamboree Prescott
1 David Dahms USBC Coach of Year   Nominations Due
10 Late Entries Accepted Upon Lane Availability Tucson Youth Adult Tournament
15 Lily May Hester Star of Tomorrow(Girl) Application Due $1,500
Pete Tountas Star of Tomorrow (Boy) Application Due
17 4th  MP USBC Youth King/Queen and Duke/Duchess  Let it Roll
1 Alberta Star of Tomorrow (Girl) Application Due $6,000
Chuck Hall Star of Tomorrow (Boy) Application Due $6,000
Zeb Scholarship  Application Due $2,500
Earl Anthony Application Due $5,000
Gift for Life Application Due $1,000
Coach of the Year Application Due
Kern Helmer Horizon Application Due
USBC Youth Volunteer of Year (Adult Only Nominations Due
USBC Youth Ambassador of Year   Nominations Due $1,500
The scholarship and awards are found on  >youth > scholarships
25-28 Las Vegas Main Event
18-19 Mesa City Tournament
Center AZ Tournament
25-26 Phoenix City Tournament
1 AVERAGE CUT OFF Pepsi Sectionals and State Finals
Tournament of Champions
AZ State USBC Youth Tournament
  Please Mail to;
  PO Box 12098
  Casa Grande, AZ 85130
8-9 Tucson City Tournament  team @ Cactus  D/S @ Fiesta
1 Az State USBC Youth Boy and Girl of the Year Application Due $1,500
1-2 PEPSI USBC  -  Arizona Sectionals Southern Sectionals:   New Catus -Tucson
Northern  Sectionals:  AMF Christown - Phx
8 AZ State Annual Meeting
22 PEPSI USBC Youth STATE FINALS Antelope Lane Prescott Valley
5/6 TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS Havasu Lanes Lake Havasu
26&27 AZ STATE USBC YOUTH TOURNAMENT Golden Pins Lanes Tucson
Earl Anthony Scholarship  Application Due
31 Billy Welu Scholarship Application Due $1,000.00
AVERAGE CUT OFF: Tucson Youth Yearbook
1 FINAL AVERAGE'S DUE 2013-2014 Final League Averages Due
12-18 USBC North Pointe Junior Gold  Buffalo NY
10-27 USBC Youth Open Championships Buffalo NY
???? USBC Youth Region Open no date or place yet, will be on line at
LaDonna Ford  PH 602-617-8329
PO Box 12053 Casa Grande  AZ 85130

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Youth Brackets Scholarship Winners:    2013 Brackets- Youth Tournaments

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2013 Official Youth Open Championship Results as of June 12

22013 Official Youth Open Tournament Results with Scholarships

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2013 Tournament of Champions Results:

2013 TOC Final Standing with scholarships

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2013 Youth Pepsi Results:

2013 Pepsi final with scholarships

2013 southern sectional final u15  u20        2013 northern sectional final u15  u20

2013 final south Pepsi with scholarships    2013 final north Pepsi with scholarships

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2012 Youth Open Tournament Results:

47th Arizona State Youth Tournament - Team Event    47th Arizona State Youth Tournament - Doubles Event

47th Arizona State YouthTournament - Singles Event    47th Arizona State Youth Tournament - All Events

Jr Gold Event - 47th Annual Youth Tournament

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2012 Tournament of Champions information:    toc flyer2012    2012 TOC worksheet    TOC Finals With Sscholarships

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2012 Pepsi Information:    2011-2012 Pepsi rules     2011-2012 Pepsi northern worksheet    2011-2012 Pepsi southern worksheet

2012 Pepsi Results

2012 Pepsi Southern12 and up        2012 Pepsi Southern 11 and under

2012 Pepsi Northern 12 and up        2012 Pepsi Northern 11 and under

2012 pepsi northern 11 and under with Scholarships

2012 pepsi southern 11 and under with Scholarship

2012 Pepsi Finals 12 and up with Scholarships

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2012 AZ State 47th  Annual Youth Championship Tournament    47th AZ State Youth rules    47th Arizona State Youth Tournament entry form

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The final standings from the Youth Tournament are available here:

 Final Results for the 2011 youth open        2011 State Gold Event Winners

The 2011 Tournament of Champions Results are available here.

2011 Tournament of Champions Results

The 2011 Pepsi Tournament Results are available here.

2011 Pepsi Finals with Scholarships

2011 Pepsi 11 and Under Northern finals

2011 Pepsi 12 and Above Northern Finals

2011 Pepsi 11 and Under Southern Finals

2011 Pepsi 12 and Above Southern Finals

The 2011 Youth Open Tournament rules and entry are available for download here.

2011 AZ State Youth Open

The 2010 Youth Tournament of Champions Results are posted below.

2010 Tournament of Champions Finals

The 2010 Pepsi Sectional Results are posted below:

2010 Pepsi Northern Sectional Results 12 & up

2010 Pepsi Northern Sectional Results 11 & under

2010 Pepsi Southern Sectional Results 12 & up

2010 Pepsi Southern Sectional Results 11 & Under

The Pepsi Finals Results are posted below:

2010 Pepsi Finals

The 2010 Youth State Tournament Results are available below:

2010 youth team standings

2010 youth doubles standings

2010 youth singles standings

2010 youth all events standings


2009 Tournament of Champions

April 4, 5, 2009
Prescott Valley
  Team - Scratch  Total Team - Majors Hdcp Total Team - Junior Hdcp Total Team - Prep Hdcp Total Team - Bantam Hdcp Total
1 Lowe & Behold 2091 Ponderosa Majors 2790 Prescott Valley Juniors 2808 Grande Bowlers 2716 Magic Markers 2637
  Zajonckowski, Brian W.   Toth, Elizabeth A.   Coay, Jacob E.   Rankin, Megan R   Springer, Jessica M  
  Lowe, Christopher S.   Savoia, Michael D   Ely, Brandon D.   Jackson, Paul J   Bonanno, Alexis N  
  McClaskey, Kyle D.   Gallegos, Mykel   Jenkins, Michelle C   Haas, Ethan P   Anaya, Tyler N  
  Loprino, Stephen C.   Toth, Elijah A   Gurtner, Casey A.   Mitchell, Santino   Schermitzler, Naythan  
2 Junior Classic 2053 Prescott Valley Majors 2536 Bull Dogs 2692 Prescott Valley Prep 2682 Copper Counties Firecrackers 2549
  Cornett, William   Sorce, Joseph C.   Wade, Terry R   White, Conner L   Hanson, Delenn M  
  Coveris, Delano D   Unruh, Chris J   Wade, Bryant C   Lewis, Madyson R   Ogas, Keskya R  
  Stanley, Marcus   Medina, Thomas   Parker, Corbin W   Rouse, Mikaela A   King, Jasmin L. (Absent)  
  Lucas, Adam   Hastings, Jordan C.   Albertson, Austin J   Lollar, Jacob R.   Bean, Andrew D  
3 Strikes R' Us 1972 Yuma Ma 2483 Cerbat Juniors 2602 One Girl With Z Boys 2605 Pin Cleaners 2461
  Nall, Tyler A.   Hernandez, Jacob L   Cencelewski, Joseph F.   McPhersan, Brenda D   Duran, Pyper M  
  Gutierrez, Mikel T.   Garrison, David G III   Gagnon, Michael G   Harmsen, Emily J   Croutch, Catelyn  
  Barcelo, Bryan B.   Richards, Allen, Jr.   Popeil, Sam L.   Cortes, Jose A   Derma, Gregory N  
  Magallanez, Marcella    Johnson, John T.   Sheneman, Landon L.   Chesney, Jeremy K.    Garrison, Adam C  
  Scratch - Boys   Majors - Boys   Juniors - Boys   Prep - Boys    Bantam - Boys  
1 Benjamin, Robert 520 Savoia, Michael 723 Albertson, Austin 658 Roble, Raul Anthony III 698 Lujan, Christopher 679
2 Lucas, Adam 491 Rowbottom, Shawn 616 Row, Michael 620 Pool, Kyle 675 Hanson, Clay 672
3 Rowbottom, Gary 448 Wishousky, Nathan 0 Carlson, Tristan 555 Keller, Zachary 572 Sanfilippo, Joey 0
  Scratch - Girls   Majors - Girls   Juniors - Girls   Prep - Girls   Bantam - Girls  
1 Ijam, Alexis 660 Stubblefield, Chelsea 664 Stern, Jordon 730 Pettit, Deanna 741 Springer, Jessica 707
2 Sullivan, Alicia 558 Beatty, Jessica  663 McCloud, Alycia 675 Schmoldt, Madison 711 Lamb, Stacey 662
3 Aguilar, Melissa 496 Adams, Megan 660 Simpson, Destiny 635 Jenkins, Michelle 682 Duran, Pyper 611

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2009 Az. State Youth Open Championship Tournament

The results from the tournament are listed below.

2009 Youth Open Team Event

2009 Youth Open Doubles Event

2009 Youth Open Singles Event

2009 Youth Open All Events


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The 2009 Pepsi Information is available for viewing or downloading. The sectional and final results are available here.

Northern Division (AMF Christown)

11 & Under Division         12 & above division

Southern Division (Golden Pin Lanes)

11 & under division         12 & above division

Pepsi Finals

12 & above boys scratch    12 & above girls scratch

12 & above boys handicap    12 & above girls handicap

Left to right: Riley Dempsey, 2nd place scratch, Andrew Regnier, 1st place scratch,

Leon Allen, Youth State Tournament Director, Melissa Aguliar, 2nd place scratch,

 and Alexis Ijams, 1st place scratch.

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The 2008 Pepsi Sectional and Final results have been posted.

2008 Pepsi Tournament Sectional Results

2008 Pepsi Final Standings

2008 Pepsi Stepladder Finals

Pictures from the Pepsi Finals:

Pepsi    pepsi-1    pepsi-2

2008 Youth Open Results

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Youth Calendar of Events - See Main Calendar - Link at left


Pepsi Youth Championships 2007-2008             

Tournament of Champions Results

2007 Youth Pepsi Tournament Results

2007 Tournament of Champions Results

2007 Arizona Youth State Championship Tournament

YBA 2007 Team Results    YBA 2007 Doubles Results    YBA 2007 Singles Results    YBA 2007 All Events Results