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Following is a current listing of the tournaments that the Arizona State USBC sponsors.    The link will take you to that tournament's page, where you will find rules, entry blanks, and current standings, if available.

2015 Open Tournament

2015 Women's Tournament

2014 Senior Open

2014 Senior Women

2014 Queens Tournament

2014 Masters Results

2014 Open Tournament

2014 Women's Tournament

 2013 Senior Open Tournament

2013 Senior Women's Tournament

2013 Women's Tournament

2013 Open Tournament

2012 Senior Open Tournament

2012 Senior  Women's Tournament

2012 Open Tournament

2012 Women's Tournament

2011 Senior Tournaments

2011 State Open Tournament

2011 State Women's Tournament

2010 Senior Tournaments

2010 Masters & Queens Tournaments

2010 Women's Tournament

2010 Open Results

2009 Senior Women's Tournament

2009 Senior Open Tournament

2009 Queens Championship Tournament

2009 Masters Championship Tournament

2009 -62nd Annual Arizona State USBC Open

2009 - 57th Annual Arizona State USBC Women's

2008 - 1st Annual Queens Tournament

2008 - 47th Annual Arizona State USBC Masters

2008 - 41st Annual Senior Open Tournament

2008 - 29th Annual Senior Women's Tournament

2008 - 61st Annual Open Championship Tournament

2008 - 56th Annual Arizona State USBC Women's Championships

2006 Arizona State USBC Senior Open Championship Tournament

2006 Arizona State Masters Tournament

2006 Arizona State USBC Women's Senior Tournament

2007 Arizona State USBC Women's Championship Tournament

2007 Arizona State USBC Open Championships

 2007 Arizona State USBC Masters Tournament

28th Annual Arizona USBC Senior Women's Results

40th Annual Arizona USBC Senior Open