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Last Update: December 15, 2014

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The Latest News and Information

In the Step Ladder finals the first round Kary Harris won the match with a 290 over Johnny Wing's 224. The next game saw Kary Harris shoot another 290 to beat Mike Watt's 221. Kary moved on up the ladder and his next game was a 300 to beat Keith Dommer's 258. The final round pitted the # 1 seed Warren Eales and Kary Harris. In that match Warren shot a 280 game to defeat Kary's 227 game.

   Congratulations to Warren Eales the 2014 Senior Masters Winner.

   6 Game Round Robin Results

1st Place     Warren Eales    1611

2nd Place    Keith Dommer    1514

3rd place    Mike Watt    1426

4th Place    Kary Harris    1417

5th Place    Johnny Wing    1401

 Masters Qualifying

Place Team name Entry Score From
1 Eales, Warren 84 2,201 Metro Phoenix USBC
2 Harris, Kary D 5 2,192 Tucson Metro USBC
3 Woods, Wallace (Wally) L 49 2,157 Yuma USBC
4 Watt, Mike R 25 2,148 Metro Phoenix USBC
5 Wing, Johnny, Sr 85 2,133 Mesa Metropolitan USBC
6 Dommer, Keith A 62 2,114 Tucson Metro USBC   Cut for Qualifying
7 Babbitt, John R 59 2,108 Metro Phoenix USBC
8 Pollard, Dale T 50 2,107 Tucson Metro USBC
9 Burns, Dwight E 62 2,086 Tucson Metro USBC
10 Grobmeier, Alan E 74 2,082 Metro Phoenix USBC
11 Dornath, Curtis J 31 2,078 Mesa Metropolitan USBC
12 Marranca, Michael 6 2,068 Metro Phoenix USBC
13 Davis, Gene 76 2,042 Tucson Metro USBC
14 Segneri, Jeffrey W 62 2,029 Tucson Metro USBC
15 Connors, Cliff 74 2,028 Metro Phoenix USBC
16 Hoffman, Larry R 85 2,021 Mesa Metropolitan USBC
17 Kastern, Walt J 63 2,017 Mesa Metropolitan USBC
18 Lopez, Mark 5 1,997 Tucson Metro USBC
19 Foster, Tom 50 1,995 Tucson Metro USBC
20 Kearns, Jeff S 62 1,992 Tucson Metro USBC
21 Hosp, Kenneth E 50 1,981 Tucson Metro USBC
22 Partridge, Pete M 94 1,971 Metro Phoenix USBC
23 Friedrichs, Michael R 84 1,969 Metro Phoenix USBC
24 Cook, John V 50 1,966 Tucson Metro USBC
25 Poff, William R 25 1,954 Metro Phoenix USBC
26 Karbowski, Vic W 49 1,948 Yuma USBC
27 Greenwald, Michael G 25 1,933 Metro Phoenix USBC
28 Kresse, Gary R 31 1,932 Mesa Metropolitan USBC
29 Caron, Donald G 85 1,896 Mesa Metropolitan USBC
30 Adler, Robert (Bud) A 31 1,876 Mesa Metropolitan USBC
31 Shepherd, Robert D 88 1,875 Copper Counties USBC
32 Altosino, Philip E 31 1,830 Mesa Metropolitan USBC
33 Hofmann, Carey L 74 1,826 Metro Phoenix USBC
34 Phelps, Charles F 19 1,675 Mesa Metropolitan USBC


Current (Unofficial) Results 2014 Senior Open Tournament

If you find a score that you do not agree with please e-mail me and I will check your question and answer your e-mail. I am not going to be in the office so if you call the office I will not get the call until after the first of the year.

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.All Events Scratch    2014 Senior Open Tournament Scratch All Events Results   

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Current (Unofficial) Results for the 2014 Senior Women's Tournament

Doubles Event    2014 Senior Women Doubles    Singles Event    2014 Senior Women Singles Event

All Events    2014 Senior Women All Events    All Events - Age    2014 Senior Women All Events By Age   

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2014 Youth Tournament Results

2014 Tournament of Champions Final Results

2014 Arizona State Pepsi Finals with Scholarships

2014 Arizona State Handicap Singles Tournament with Scholarships

2014 Arizona State Youth Open Unofficial Results

2014 Youth Tournament Brackets

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Attention All Youth - Check out the USBC Youth page for all of the 2014 Tournament Entry Forms and information. The revised forms for the Star of Tomorrow and Boy & Girl of the Year are located on the Forms page.

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We have updated several of the award forms. See the forms listed in the forms tab for the latest versions.

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Check out the new youth calendar of events located in the youth section of the website

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The Calendar has been updated to reflect all known events for the 2013-2014 Season

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The yearbooks/history books from the Arizona State Bowling Association and the Arizona Women's Bowling Association have been posted under the Information link. They are in Adobe format so you can look at them or download them. The ASBA Yearbook in in one part and the AWBA History Book is in two parts.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to service the bowlers within our jurisdiction and to support the goals of our membership and the United States Bowling Congress.

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John E. Doyle, Jr.
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